2021 Creative Challenges Activities

Activities to stimulate your creative energy, experiment and play….

These are optional activities related to our exhibition topic (Currently Dreams, Memories, Renewal and ‘Isms’ .) Use any media you like unless otherwise specified!

Choose the activities that appeal to you and complete them and share with the group on our Facebook Page and in class.

ACTIVITY ONE_21: Cardboard ‘memories’ inspired by Tom Buckland

Make a work from cardboard and tape based on  a memory or dream, inspired by Tom Bucklands’ Cardboard Luna vehicle and birds.

ACTIVITY TWO_21: Tiny Universe – ‘Dreams’ of a Different World (V2) inspired by Tom Buckland

Create a tiny world in any medium Inspired by  Tom Buckland’s  constellation installation, in which  tiny  viewing portals  hold tiny universes. http://www.tombuckland.net/constallation.html

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