Agi De Simone



Agi De Simone is a Hungarian born Canberra based artist. Creativity and art have been an integral part of her life since she was a small child. As a visual artist she has formally trained at the Canberra Institute of Technology and the Australian National University as a painter, printmaker and mark-maker using numerous mediums, techniques and materials. Her art practice is evolving and growing through solo exhibitions and participation in group exhibitions and art prizes. She recently was a finalist in the Lethbridge Art Prize and exhibition. Her love is abstraction and the way in which she works is immersive, utilising the concept of flow. Her paintings and artworks are complex, colourful and multidimensional.

Artists Statement

I am fascinated by how people collectively and individually respond to time, memory, experience, and the feelings, emotions and responses that they evoke. I have worked extensively with individuals and groups in personal and professional development as an executive coach and trainer. Working with people, their perceptions and lived experience has provided me with a rich, diverse and unique opportunity to develop a deep and fundamental understanding and appreciation of the influences on individual viewpoints and responses. My art captures the components and encapsulates the essence of these moments, experiences, places, and emotions. Through abstraction I synthesise the elements that provide the foundations of meaning and through colour, composition, dimension, materials and subject matter bring these elements to life and form in my artworks and paintings.

Instagram: agidesimone

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