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After finding my creative spark taking drawing classes at Lavender Art Studios on a whim, a deep buried passion was awoken, culminating in completing first a Cert IV and then a Diploma in Visual Arts at CIT in 2019.

A 20 year primary school educator, allowed me to make the bold move to teach art at high school, something I find challenging and rewarding in the same measure. Instilling in my students the motto of the best part of art is the discovery of something new and exciting.

I have developed bodies of work for 2 graduating exhibitions at CIT, Elemental in 2017 and New Tricks in 2019 and developed works for Art Not Apart in 2018.

I find my happy place in play, whether it be printing, painting and mixed media works. She has 2 daughters who are also very creative, a geeky husband, 2 dogs and a cat.

Artist’s Statement

My art comes from happy accidents. Many of my works are one offs and never to be recreated again. As an artist, I am interested in creating work that lets the viewer make the decisions on what is aesthetic. This is also my motto as an art teacher. Never will you hear me say your art is bad, my job is to help you enjoy the journey. Virtually all children are artists: the self-consciousness of adolescence deters most from continuing the practice, hence my later in life discovery of art. I see my role as an artist to make all people be artists, of any age.

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