M16artspace 3-21 March 2022

Lime Flamingo artists give physical form to memories, dreams and experiences. The glow of our inner world, the traces left from the emotional state within: – the co-existence of light and dark; and the temporal process of perception and renegotiation of identities.


OutsideIn | InsideOut Exhibition
5 February – 21 March 2021
Opening 6pm Friday 5 February 2021
West Gallery, Belconnen Arts Centre
Lime Flamingo Collective: Lesley Andersen, Jenny Blake, Jodie Cunningham, Sarah Earle, Roger Hancock, Gillian Jackson, Diane McWhirter, Angella Price and Jo Walters

Living Arts Canberra’s Barbie Robinson interviews artists from the LFC about their exhibition OutsideIn| Inside out

Canberra Times Review

Media Release
It is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folks that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of love and kindness.
– Gandalf, The Hobbit

Artists from the Lime Flamingo Collective,  a networking group for emerging professional artists from the Canberra region, have worked together to create their first group exhibition, OutsideIn | InsideOut.

In such uncertain and challenging times, it is focusing on the small and ordinary things, the light ‘within the cracks’ and our internal world that give us hope and solace. Lime Flamingo Collective (LFC) artists reflect on the current COVID-19 crisis, life in quarantine, the recent bushfire disasters and the climate emergency; and respond to these challenges through the lens of vulnerability and strength, diverse perspectives and artistic practice:  Looking at, sharing and drawing from their collective experiences of how  these extraordinary events  turned the everyday, the ordinary  inside out, outside in. The exhibition includes a small body of work from each artist including drawing, painting, printmaking, textiles, digital printing and sculpture.

LFC Director and facilitator, Jodie Cunningham, commented: ‘It is  a privilege to work with such a committed group of  artists, who have developed exciting new artworks that reflect their shared and collective experiences of the challenges of 2020 in such diverse ways – reflecting resilience, hope and transformation.’

‘Many of the LFC artists turned to nature and the process of observations on daily walks as a way of  restoring themselves during the challenges of 2020, whilst others used the meditative process of art making and exploring materiality and colour; or humour as a response to the pandemic.’

Exhibition Images

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