Helen Macarthur


I am a visual artist based in Yass, New South Wales. I recently completed my Visual Arts Diploma at Creative & Design Industries, CIT, Reid, Canberra ACT. I grew up in home where my father created beautiful flower gardens and my mother used these flowers to create artistic arrangements. As a child I was taught to knit and my grandmother taught me the fine art of crochet. I loved art at school as it allowed a freedom of expression that was suppressed growing up in a very controlled environment. So it was only natural for me to use my creative skills wherever possible throughout my life. In my art work I like to salvage materials/textiles that have been discarded and give them new life. I also love to include textures, pattern and colour. I have a preference for the unusual so this is a consistent theme in my work and I never aim for a perfect symmetrical shape the material often dictates my direction and the end result. I take my inspiration from artists such as Ruth Asawa, Bronwyn Oliver and Kieta Jackson. Currently I am using copper plate and recycled copper wire to manipulate these materials into 3D sculptural forms. I’m adapting shapes and forms that I have observed on my travels aboard whilst using patinas to create texture and colour.

Artist’s Statement

Left Behind                                                                                 Subconscious memories can be opened and explored through the process of subconscious evolution.   I draw inspiration from artefacts, archaeological remains and elements from nature.  I like to think that I’m bringing the past into the present.  However, often I cannot identify where the ideas for a sculpted form have materialised from. 


Contact: helenmacarthur42@gmail.com
Instagram: helenmacarthur42

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