Jennifer Procter

Growing up in Canberra, I was involved in music and in theatre from a young age. I studied pure maths and literature at Melbourne University, and then post-graduate dance at the VCA. I worked professionally as a performer and creating performance works in Melbourne and Canberra.

Meanwhile I became interested in meditation and this interest grew through my own practice until I spent a year living in a forest monastery in Australia. Following that I practiced meditation intensively in Borneo, Nepal, India and Australia for 9 years.

I decided to leave that life and I studied visual arts at CIT. Now my work is influenced by my background in movement and informed by meditation. Above all I want to give the audience an experience of the transformative powers of meditation and art.

I am interested in atmosphere and transformation. Atmosphere is the starting point, the body or the ground of any ideas. With installation, I can create an immersive atmosphere for the audience, where there is space to wonder. Animation brings to life the process of transformation and allows me to use visual and symbolic languages that reach wider audiences.

My works deliberately hold multiple perspectives or narratives together, to resist any singular interpretation. I want to invite the audience to let go of the tendency to interpret, and to enter into a more direct experience of the art, one that is more immediate, and closer to the knowing of the heart.

Instagram: jennifer_procter_art

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