Jennifer Procter


Jennifer Procter is a Canberra-based artist with a background in dance, performance, visual art, pure mathematics and music. She worked as a professional director, choreographer, and performer before spending 9 years meditating in Borneo, Nepal, India and Australia. For the last 3 years she has been working in charcoal and mixed-media animation. Her work is deeply influenced by Buddhist philosophy and her experience in meditation.

I decided to leave that life and I studied visual arts at CIT. Now my work is influenced by my background in movement and informed by meditation. Above all I want to give the audience an experience of the transformative powers of meditation and art.

Artist’s Statement

I am interested in exploring our intimate connection to nature as dynamic and shifting patterns that intersect and influence each other. Now more than ever it seems vital that we can accept the ebb and flood tides of life. Although we may resist change and instability intellectually, I do feel that from an embodied perspective we are nature and there is a part of us that is at home in the midst of change. How would the world appear if we yielded to change as the ground of our being?

I have been inspired by the transformative power of art, and meditation. I don’t see them as separate, in the same way that movement and stillness aren’t separate. I meditate and try to sink into the body and the earth when I make art, so that what comes is not just conceptual but embodied.  In making animation, time as a medium for transformation.   

Instagram: jennifer_procter_art

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