Jo Walters

 I’m a Canberra based artist who works in various mediums. I enjoy working in both 2D, (photoshop, illustration), and 3D, (assemblage and textiles). I have exhibited in solo and group exhibitions. My themes focus on the mind/body dichotomy and exploring how that polarity expresses itself in different contexts.

My art practise engages with the mind/body dichotomy, exploring the relationship between the ephemeral nature of thought, feeling and desire, and the material nature of the physical body.My interest lies in the intersection of these polarities, the point where one transcends the other, and how that is expressed in various contexts.For example, I explore the way populations project their collective fears and anxieties onto the physical body and how those projections have been played out in historical and political contexts. I am inspired by the tradition of Vanitas, my work often re-imagining the Dutch paintings in contemporary form, such as assemblage. I use mixed media to communicate with my audience, including textiles and found objects.

Instagram: lunalanding68

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