Julie Herring

Julie resides in Australia with her husband, children and fur-children. Julie completed her Certificate IV in Visual Arts in 2014 at Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) and is currently completing her Bachelor of Visual Arts at the School of Art and Design, ANU part time, while working full time as Business Analyst. ​Although she has finally escaped the cubicle farm; for the time being, she has ended up in her own Groundhog Day. Julie has always dabbled in visual arts, whether it was drawing, textile, printmaking, fabric dying, mixed media or photography. She enjoys all of the visual arts and has a love of textile arts and combining other visual arts with textile arts. Julie is currently exploring mental health, identity and middle age through intuitive mark making.

Artists Statement

This body of work explores the our human nature to look outwards rather than inwards. Through this work I hope to inspire the viewer to look inward to see their true self, their soul, their dreams. Our physical eyes forever looking out at the the world around us. Lucky are those who look into our eyes and see our souls for they see our true selves.

Contact: herringj902@gmail.com
Website: julieherring.com.au
Facebook: JulieHerringVisualArtist
Instagram: herringj

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