Roger Hancock


Roger Hancock is a Canberra-based artist born in Sydney on 25 October 1956.  Roger has always been interested in art, dabbling on and off over the years.  He started his artistic career in earnest following retirement after 40 years in the Department of Defence; having serving both as an officer in the Army and an executive in the Australian Public Service.  

In 2019, on completion of the Diploma of Visual Arts through the Canberra Institute of Technology, NAVA awarded Roger their Ignition Prize for achievements in Professional Practice.  Roger cites his very diverse background including geospatial intelligence, military training, recruiting, strategic business planning, organisational performance measurement, personnel management, leadership development, and HR policy as a strong foundation in gaining the NAVA recognition.  

Roger has three adult children and four grandchildren.  In his youth, Roger played club and representative rugby and later, squash.  Today, however, his exercise is mainly pushbike riding and immersing in nature to keep re-energised.  Naturally, art is an integral part of everyday life

My art, like a chameleon, is continually adapting to influences around me. Experimentation is one of the core tenets of my artistic endeavour, an approach that keeps me highly creative. I remain passionate about Bauhaus, Art Deco, and styles that accentuate geometry. At the other end of the spectrum, I am equally comfortable with more fluid abstract styles. As an emerging visual artist, I am still on a journey of exploration and discovery. I gain enjoyment from creating an eclectic oeuvre of works ranging in style from spontaneous gestures to deliberation and precision.

Instagram: rogerhancockart

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