Rosmary Synnott

Raised as a country kid and city teenager I have a variety of influences and experiences to draw on for my art practice. Fascinated by nature, especially the colours and changes in the seasons, brings me to regularly use nature as my subject matter, especially trees. I was greatly influenced by my maternal grandmother who was a talented seamstress and dabbled in many crafts to create useful and decorative items for the home. My passion for textiles and flowers has grown from this also. Joining the Visual Arts class at CIT has broadened my knowledge and given me opportunities to be involved in exhibitions, as well as collaborating with other artists with similar, yet diverse skills.

Experience designing and creating costumes for local children’s theatre and for Wakakirri school teams introduced Rosemary to the opportunities in the creative arts. Expanding this through the Visual arts course, Rosemary has learned skills and techniques to develop drawing, painting, printing and sculpture. Using recycled materials and building a sustainable art practice is her goal. Rosemary will create mixed media artworks using pre-loved resources, especially textiles. In 2020 Rosemary is studying Floristry and she wants to incorporate floral art as part of her portfolio.

Instagram: rosemarysynnott

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