Sally Black

I am a Canberra based artist creating works on paper. The core of my work is my belief that seeing the world from a different perspective helps us find and appreciate the joy in it. I explore this using water- based mediums through painting, printmaking and drawing techniques. My works in pen and watercolour explore unusual perspectives and distortions in both the natural and man-made landscape. For my painting and printmaking, my loose and impressionistic style is delivered via the unpredictability of watercolour inks. The resulting works have a feeling of vastness with colours that intermingle into semi-abstracted landscapes with no beginning or end. I am currently developing a series of unique monotype prints using watercolour inks celebrating the unique landscapes in the Canberra region.


Push and Pull: My monotypes celebrate the Canberra Regional Landscape. Landscapes that quietly entice and pull you towards them until you are absorbed within their unique spaces. My making process is a dance between representation and abstraction of the landscape. The more I guide the inks, the more they pull back and take the lead towards abstraction.

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