Sarah Earle

Canberra has been my home all of my life and as much as I love to travel it’s always good to come back to the bush capital. I have spent most of my working career in an office cubicle environment so I am grateful for any outdoor opportunity especially walking in the local reserve. I truly believe my most fulfilling role so far in my life has been as a mother. Now that our boys are adults I have taken a back seat as best I can and keep the nagging to a bare minimum! Art has always been a big part of my life and like many, my childhood dream was to be an artist. Over the last 7 years I attended various art classes to rebuild my confidence to keep this dream alive. It has taken me a while to find my way back to my dream path and I have been stuck on a few roundabouts along the way so I am now looking forward to the journey ahead.

My intention is to communicate memory, reflection or contemplation through my artwork. As I have never been a scripted or articulate speaker I often find it hard to express myself through speech. Creating art allows me to express myself in other ways through my painting, collage and mark making. I continue to enjoy learning new techniques and experiementing in new mediums. Quite often I will find these experimental moments where something magical can happen or spark a new idea which leads to another opportunity for experimentation.

Instagram: sarahearleart

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